Train to link Algeria, Tunisia

The Algerian National Transportation Company (SNTF) and the Tunisian National Railways (SNCFT) will start operating six trips by train a week, a source in Algeria said.

The first trip will depart from Algeria on Sunday while the first trip from Tunisia will depart the following day.

Algeria’s An-Nahar newspaper reported that the following trip from Algeria will depart on Tuesday heading to Tunisia, while the return trip will depart on the following day.

Tickets for the service will be valid for three months and can be purchased on the internet or from any station in Algeria or Tunisia.

The average number of passengers per trip is expected to be 300, which means that the national railway company will be able to transport 1,800 passengers a week.

Passport control and border police teams will inspect the trains to facilitate passenger movement.

Previous trips were postponed due to technical problems.

Middle East Monitor

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