Protest March against reconciliation bill in Tunis

A protest march against the bill on economic and financial reconciliation was staged Saturday afternoon at Habib Bourguiba Avenue in the capital as part of the campaign “Manish Msemah” (I will not forgive).

Started from the statue of Ibn Khaldoun, the march has toured Avenue Habib Bourguiba amid an important security device.

Several participants from the Popular Front, the Democratic Movement, the Republican Party, the Tunisian Human Rights League and the Association of Democratic Women were present at the march.

The participants called for the final withdrawal of this draft law from the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) in order to guarantee the smooth running of the reconciliation process pledged by the various mechanisms of transitional justice.

They also criticized the speech delivered on May 10, 2017 by President Béji Caïd Essebsi who, according to Democratic Movement leader Samia Abbou, opted for “the instrumentalisation of fear”.

“The rejection of the law on reconciliation is not a proof of contempt or a refusal of reconciliation,” she said. “The process of reconciliation must take place under the auspices of the Truth and Dignity Commission,” she concluded.

Leader of the Popular Front Aymen Aloui said that the bill on reconciliation is an elitist project designed to launder people close to the presidency of the republic.

“Any exploitation of the digital majority in the House of People’s Representatives to pass this bill may have serious consequences for the country,” he said.

Representative of the campaign “Manish Msemah”, Malek Seghiri considered irrational to say that this bill will resolve the economic crisis that the country is going through.

The rise in corruption is explained by the absence of the strong political will and the carelessness of successive governments to find solutions to the crisis that shakes the country, he added.

Submitted on April 26, 2017 to the General Legislation Committee, the draft law was tabled in July 2015 by the Presidency of the Republic to the HPR Office.


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