Carthago Dilecta Est ‘bridge’ between Italy and Tunisia

Tunis, May 17 – The 19th edition of ‘Carthago Dilecta Est – Tunisia Sailing Week ‘, the international sailing event involving Italy and Tunisia, has been presented in Hammamet.

This year’s edition takes the slogan ‘Free to navigate’.

The programme includes three regattas from Italy (July 28 Cagliari-Biserta-Hammamet; July 30 Roma/Fiumicino-Ventotene-Hammamet; August 2 Mazara del Vallo-Hammamet) and three in Tunisia (July 31 Biserta-Hammamet; August 2 Sidi Bou Said-Hammamet; August 6-8 Yasmine Hammamet Trophy-Final of the first national deep-sea championship).

The Yasmine Hammamet Trophy will see participation from Italian and Tunisian vessels. The regattas and accompanying recreational and cultural events are being organised by Italian and Tunisian sailing clubs including the Circolo Velico Ventotene, Club Nautique de Sidi Bou Said, Lega Navale Italiana, Yacht Club Gaeta and Yasmine Hammamet Marina, under the auspices of the Italian Saling Federation and the Fédération Tunisienne de la Voile.

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