Tunisia’s “Reconciliation Bill” threat to Revolution gains (Manach Msamhin” Association)

The controversy is growing in the latest few days on the ”Manach Msamhin” Association  (we do not forgive), as regards the Tunisian  Reconciliation Bill which according to them puts the gains of the Revolution at stake by giving to Ben Ali-era businessmen and officials the opportunity to join the economic and political life with entrenched impunity.

For the first time l heard one of the association members speaking on the Tunisian TV channel, I deeply realized that we are facing a new conscious generation willing to do anything peacefully in order to convince others (mainly the government) of their demands and views.

Although we do not share their vision or their conviction about what they called” legalized stolen assets and unpunished corruption” as well as the form to resolve this thorny and complex issue which was delayed, but these young people are given a chance to express themselves freely.

This group of youth may be struggling with a style peculiar to them, aiming mainly to make sense to their action in order not to grant any form of amnesty through such law.

But whatever our differences with their visions, we should find a common ground of understanding and dialogue with these young people by trying to lend them a listening ear, exchange views and talk with them within the circles of political responsibility and decision- making so as to make them understand that the exercise of power imposes concessions and agreements, though sometimes painful.

We should restart the trust in youth through communication and finally clean up the political and social climate.

One day these voices will change their views, now they are enthusiastically in a hurry for a position and for rejection of any project emanating from power as most young people do.

So, we must improve dialogue with them and avoid any kind of insult via media.

We need in these delicate circumstances debates to raise awareness and open perspectives for youth to achieve coexistence and peace because our country needs everyone though with differences.

TunisianMonitorOnLine / Ben Rhouma Chedly


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