Tunisia: police deployed against urban neglect

 A reported 300 Tunisian local police officers as of Tuesday will be patrolling cities to ensure that laws aimed at safeguarding the environment are respected and will fine all those who will not abide by them.

The new police corps will be progressively placed under the authority of local governments in 34 districts of Grand-Tunis, in 20 cities within 20 governorates and in 20 other municipalities that are tourist attractions or have a large population.

The law approved on April 30 last year provides for fines between 300 and 1,000 dinars (approximately 106-360 euros) for those found throwing garbage and cigarette butts in public and private areas, among others. The initiative is part of an action plan promoted by the government against unprecedented environmental neglect in Tunisia and the malfunctioning of waste disposal.

An awareness campaign has also been launched to raise the interest of the public opinion and entrepreneurs on keeping cities clean and respecting environmental legislation.


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