Absenteeism of MPs “cause for concern” (I Watch)

(TAP) –”I Watch” organisation considers that absenteeism of the deputies is a “recurring phenomenon” which constitutes “a cause for concern” likely to have an impact on the legislative and supervisory mission of the House of People’s Representatives (HPR).

“I Watch” responded to the decision of the Committee on Rules of Procedure, Immunity, Parliamentary Laws and Election Laws to reject, at its meeting last Tuesday, the proposed amendment of the Rules of Procedure providing for cutting the sum of 100 dinars of the premium of deputies who are absent without justification.

In this sense, the NGO recalled the statistics of the organisation “Al Bawsala”, according to which Ennahdha is at the head of the parliamentary bloc ranking with 67% of the members present, followed by Al Horra bloc with 58% and the Democrat bloc with 56%.

Nidaa Tounes and the UPL (Free Patriotic Union) ranked 4th with 53% followed by Afek Tounes and the Appeal of Tunisians abroad with 43% and the Popular Front with 40%. The rate of attendance of the deputies of the Social-Democratic bloc did not exceed 34%.

Despite the frequent and unjustified absences of several Members who disregard the confidence of the voters and their historical responsibility, it seems that the legislative body is more concerned with the preservation of financial assets than with the amendment of the rules of procedure to strengthen good governance in dealing with parliamentary discipline, I Watch’s statement reads.

According to the organisation, the electoral commission did not resume last Tuesday its work devoted to the election of candidates to the Access to Information Mechanism due to the absence of 15 deputies out of 22 deputies, Members of the Committee.

The proposed amendment of Article 26 of the Rules of Procedure of the HPR to make a deduction on the premium of the Members has aroused a controversy for almost a year. The Bureau had adopted this proposal; As well as the Conference of Presidents, which brings together the chairpersons of the blocs and the chairs of the standing and special committees and the members of the bureau. However, the Rules Committee decided to drop the proposal.


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