Tunisia dismantles 129 mines since 2014

Since setting up a specialist team to deal with suspect objects in 2014, Tunisia has dismantled 129 mines, according to defence ministry spokesman Belhassen Oueslati.

Speaking on Nessma TV, Oueslati said the team, trained by British, American, French, Spanish and German experts, has been in place since 2014.

“We even sent an elite unit specialised in suspect objects that achieved great prowess. We have dismantled 129 mines and only 18 have exploded,” Oueslati explained.

The explosion of these mines in 70 per cent of cases caused minor injuries to the Tunisian army which has left “21 dead [and] 23 cases of amputations”.

According to the ministry spokesman, the need for secrecy of military interventions is important in preventing terrorists from undermining the terrain before the army arrives.

The mine operation will continue until “the war on terrorism has ended,” according to Oueslati.

In the same period, Tunisia has killed 168 terrorists, the ministry spokesperson added.

Daesh has been regularly recruiting Tunisians to join its ranks in Syria and Libya with Tunisians worried that the return of these militants, as Daesh loses its power hold, will mean greater instability in the country.

Middle East Monitor

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