Wazin town to launch soilless farming project

A new project in agriculture technology known as the soilless farming (hydroponics) is to be launched in Wazin, a town in the western region of Libya that serves as a border crossing with Tunisia.

The Municipality of Wazin said it will launch the hydroponic farming project of growing vegetables on surfaces and balconies after its successful farming of freshwater fish.

Wazin Mayor, Mohamed Juma Sunam, said that the idea of implementing the soilless farming system was a step by the Municipality to motivate families to self-sufficiency and to localize the micro and medium-sized enterprise culture, consequently not to entirely rely on the pension from the state revenue.

“We did not come up with anything new; but we took advantage from the experience of others.” He said.

Additionally, he indicated that they are aiming to spread this technology in all areas of Nafusa Mountain.

“Currently, all the materials to start the project and implement it on the ground are available and their requirements are to find volunteers within the municipality.” He added.

Plants do not actually require soil to survive. They mostly need the nutrients and minerals in the soil. They can grow in water, gravel, perlite, rice hulls, pine bark, cedar shavings, and other mediums or even suspended in air.

The scientists got interested in hydroponic farming after the emergence of many problems related to desertification and soil degradation.

Libya Observer

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