Tourism up 29% in Tunisia

The number of tourists who visited Tunisia from January to the end of June has increased by 29.3 per cent compared to the same period last year, official data shows.

According to data compiled by the Tunisian ministries of interior and tourism, more than 2.5 million tourists visited Tunisia in the first six months of the year.

Moez Al-Harizi of the Information Office of the Ministry of Tourism said more than 202,000 French tourists visited Tunisia.

“Despite travel restrictions imposed by Britain, more than 11,000 British tourists visited Tunisia in the same period while more than 194,00 Russian tourists visited Tunisia,” he said.

he number of Italian tourists who visited Tunisia increased by 16.2 per cent and the number of German tourists went up by 36.1 per cent compared to 2016.

Tunisia also saw an increase in the number of Algerian tourists where more than 766,000 visited the country; an increase of 61.2 per cent.

The number of Chinese tourists has also increased from 1,900 tourists in 2016 to 8,000 tourists.

Middle East Monitor

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