Tunisia: Spanish company gets €2.6-million contract for 6 desalination plants

Spanish engineering company “Typsa” will manage in consortium with another two companies the construction of six desalination plants in the Tunisian Sahara, Spanish site “The Diploma” reported, quoting information provided by the company on Monday (July 10).

The information has also been officially confirmed by the management of SONEDE in Tunis.

According to the same information we have, the contract, worth € 2.6 million, will last five years.

 According to our sources, “Typsa will develop construction projects for the treatment plants, the selection of construction companies and the supervision of works for the set in motion of the plants, which will have a total capacity of 31,000 cubic meters per day.

The desalination plants will desalt the water of rivers, lakes and wells, and they will provide a population of more than half a million people with drinking water.

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