Tunisia: Dinar is 2nd highest currency in Africa

The Tunisian Dinar is the second highest currency in Africa, according to the Nigerian information site NAIJ which is based on the criterion of its parity with the US Dollar, 1 US dollars worth 2.41 Tunisian dinars and 130 Naira, the national currency Of Nigeria.

In the ranking of the 10 strongest African currencies established by the site, the first place goes to the Libyan Dinar whose parity with the US Dollar is 1.34 and 235.29 Naira.

The Rand, the currency of South Africa, despite its devaluation, is among the strongest on the African continent. Its parity with the US Dollar is 12.98 and 24.29 with the Naira.

 Despite its political turmoil and challenges, Egypt has been able to keep its currency strong.

The Egyptian pound currency exchanges at 1 US Dollar to 17.81 Egyptian pounds and 1 Egyptian pound equals to 17.65 Naira.

Finally, the Moroccan Dirham is worth 33 Naira. And the US Dollar is worth 9 Dirham.

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