WFP Tunisia and Morocco Country Brief, June 2017


  • WFP has collaborated with the Tunisian Institute of Strategic Studies (ITES) to conduct a strategic review of the food and nutrition security in the country. On June 14, the findings of the study were shared during a one-day conference attended by 30 different national and international stakeholders including the Minister of Agriculture.
  • A group of rural women has formally registered as a Community Based Organisation with the aim of maintaining and promoting the school garden that is part of the WFP-developed Sustainable School Meals Pilot in Zaghouan Governorate, Tunisia.

Operational Updates


  • On June 14, WFP and the Tunisian Institute of Strategic Studies invited national and international stakeholders to the presentation of the findings of the Strategic Review of the Food and Nutrition Security in the country. The consultation during the review process provided a timely occasion for a joint discussion with stakeholders on their respective areas of expertise.
  • WFP supported a group of rural women in formalising their status as a Community Based Organisation (CBO) by advocating with MoE to sign a MoU. The aim of the newly formed CBO is to facilitate the contribution of rural women to maintain the school garden that has been established in Zaghouan governorate as part of the WFP-developed Sustainable School Meals Pilot and contributing to community participation and local ownership of the project.


  • Following up on the confirmation of a new Government cabinet, WFP is preparing to discuss achievements to date and the way forward for WFP’s capacity to strength activities across the country with new government authorities.
  • WFP plans to support the development of nutritional and management guidelines for the National School Meals Programme, assist the drafting of a legislative text outlining the national school meals policy, and continue the sharing of international best practices.


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