Restrictions made by politicians and administrative workers on journalists edge up

Restrictions made by politicians and administrative workers on journalists rose significantly last July.

The number of breaches made by officials doubled compared to June, the National Union of Tunisian Journalists (SNJT)’s monitoring unit revealed.

However, violations against freedom of press fell sharply during the same period as only 9 assaults on 15 journalists and press institutions were reported in July against 24 in June.

Security forces are responsible for 3 assaults against journalists while public officials and the Public Prosecutor committed only 1 breach in July.

Three violation were made in Tunis, two in Nabeul, one in Medenine, one in Kasserine and one in Monastir in addition to one committed in Tripoli (Libya).

The SNJT recommend the immediate withdrawal of the current version of the draft law punishing assaults against armed forces.

The union further called for respecting the specificities of the journalistic work as it does not preclude the confidentiality of police investigations.

The SNJT stressed the need to respect freedom of press, calling on the politicians to not intervene in the media content.

Press institutions are also urged to separate the management from the editorial department and to respect the journalists’ union rights while complying with professional ethics.


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