Tunisia detains Egyptian fishermen for illegal fishing in territorial waters

The Tunisian Marine Forces have detained a number of Egyptian fishermen off the coast of Sfax for illegal fishing in Tunisia’s territorial waters, the Tunisian Ministry of National Defence said in a statement on Monday.

Ibrahim Said, the boat’s mechanic, who is in detention along with the rest of the crew, told Ahram Online that 16 Egyptian fishermen from Rashid and Kafr El-Sheikh were on board.

The boat’s captain, Youssef Mohamed Hassan El-Shazly, set sail 10 days ago from Egypt’s Mediterranean city of Rashid, according to Said, who added that all the fishermen on board are unharmed.

In October 2016, the crew of another boat was detained for illegal fishing in Tunisian territorial waters.

The captain of that boat, Abdel-Salam Bahnasy, who is still in Tunisia, says he expects to return to Egypt along with another fisherman within one week, after paying a fine of $22,000.

Ahram On Line

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