UAHT’s motto better days are ahead for needy people

Since the 2011 revolution, civil society associations in Tunisia are believed to have the capacity to build a social capital and social trust. But there is a tremendous gap between legislation and practice.

However, Tunisian activists are faced with significant legitimate demands of a marginalised and daunted population, especially in the regions of the western part of the country. Suffering from alienation and exclusion, they still claim their economic, social and political rights.

The Union of Tunisian Humanitarian Associations (UAHT) is a young association which endeavoured to lend a hand to this fringe of the Tunisian society by striving to provide some of the necessities of the daily life mainly for deprived and orphaned children, single women and the elderly.

The UAHT has two main lines of orientation. It includes a humanitarian axis (Helping cases in difficulty) and an axis oriented towards the union of humanitarian associations.

Besides, the main value of UAHT is to sensitise to association life in Tunisia and coordinate between Tunisian humanitarian associations.

The Union is also tasked with Listening and referring humanitarian cases to appropriate associations and according to their needs.

In another connection, UAHT aims to create a directory of humanitarian associations in order to bring them closer to the citizen to make assistance provided easily reach the needy.

Additionally, the UAHT carries out actions in social integration centres for children, the elderly and single mothers. The assistance focused on two social integration centres, as well as the Kef retirement home.

The Zahrouni Children’s Centre is a centre that contains orphaned or abandoned children aged between 6 and 18 years in which they are provided with care, food and shelter.

Another centre in Zahrouni neighbourhood in Tunis hosts homeless people, elderly people, single mothers, for determined period of time, ensuring them security and daily care.

The UAHT has developed and carried out several actions to the needy by lending them a hand while convincing them that they have the right to dream for a better tomorrow and better days are ahead.

Among UAHT’s actions in these centres are: “Far7 and El 3id” Action, “Ras El 3am” Action, Collection and distribution of clothing for children, “3alemni w 5oudh bidi Action” Special Mouled “, “gesture, book, smile Action “, ” In Read mode ” Action,

President and founder of UAHT Mehdi Guebzili said that: “We try to share some warm moments with those people who need, more than our humble aids, affection and care. However we face some administrative difficulties that hinder our projects to come to an end. Hopefully we find collaboration with the staff and especially with generous donators who are willing to help those marginalised category of citizens. Those people suffer not only from their situations which they often did not choose, but most of all they suffer from prejudice rejection from the society.”

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