Second round of Libyan Political Agreement amendment starts Saturday in Tunisia

The United Nations’ envoy to Libya Ghassan Salame has announced that the second round of the Tunisia meetings for the amendment joint committee for House of Representatives (HoR) and High Council of State (HCS) will start next Saturday.
On October 01, the committee ended the talks in Tunis after one week of give and take regarding amending the Libyan political Agreement (LPA)
The talks saw the HoR and the HCS sit together on a dialogue table for the first time to discuss the first stage of the action plan devised by the UNSMIL’s Head, Salame, who aimed at reviving the political process that has been stagnant for over 18 months.
Meanwhile, the spokesman of the HoR Abdullah Bliheeq said 30 of the Accord Bloc members who are pro-Presidential Council arrived in Tobruk to take part a session on Monday to discuss the amendment to the LPA.
Bliheeq told local media outlets that the only thing on table in Monday HoR’s session is the discussion of the Tunisia meeting results.
Protesters, meanwhile, who are HoR employees blocked the HoR’s headquarters in Tobruk, demanding salary payouts and fixing their job positions.
According to sources from Tobruk, HoR Speaker Aqilah Saleh managed to talk the protesters into breaking the protest and thus allowing the HoR members to enter and hold their meeting.
In the meantime, several HoR members started arriving in Tobruk to take part in the session that will last for two days and thus decide the stance of the HoR on the Tunisia meetings’ results before the committee joins in the second round.

Libya Observer

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