Italy, Malta and Tunisia pact for ‘blue economy’ development

A pact between Italy, Malta and Tunisia to relaunch the ‘blue economy’ through sharing infrastructure and industrial projects with emerging countries of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) area is the aim of the Med Festival Experience International.

The official presentation was in Valletta at the Royal Malta Yacht Club.

The initiative focuses on the development of the sea-based economy and will be held in Valletta in 2018, when the city will be the Capital of Culture. ”With the partnership of the Italian-Maltese Chamber of Commerce, which for 25 years has been working in trade relations between the two countries, the Med Festival will be the marketplace and meeting place for new projects in the Mediterranean with those working in the economic and industrial sectors, who will meet to draw up investment scenarios worth about 8% of GDP,” the Italian Confederation for Economic Development said.


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