Libya starts paying debts to Tunisian clinics

The Head of the private clinics syndicate in Tunisia Khalid Al-Nabli told Afrigate news website that Libya started one month ago to pay its debts to the Tunisian clinics in the form of installments.

Al-Nabli confirmed that Libya started with paying out small portions of its debts for the clinics in Tunisia, adding that only few clinics received payments.

“Libya must pay all the debts for the Tunisian clinics as soon as possible.” He added, saying the clinics are undergoing rough financial conditions and outage of cash due to the Libyan debts.

He also indicated that the Libyan patients are being treated just like the Tunisian ones, and they are, therefore; required to pay money for their medical care.

Meanwhile, an Interim Government health official in eastern Libya confirmed that the Libyan debts that are to be paid to the Tunisian clinics are around 300.000.000 Tunisian Dinars ($100.000.000)

Earlier this year, Presidential Council government’s ministry of finance said Financial Minister Osama Hamad had agreed with the Tunisian Minister of Health Samira Meree to make a list of the Libyan debts at the clinics to be paid as per a certain timeline, without further details about the payouts.

Libya Observer

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