Agricultural land heritage that turns to eco-tourism, aeronautic and leisure space for nature and aviation lovers

It is a private initiative launched by a man who is fond of farming and with an aviation enthusiasm.

Mr. Abdellatif Ben Moustapha inherited an agricultural land in one of the most beautiful areas of northern Tunisia.

His family is well-known by its inheritance of an agricultural land that hides a secret of picturesque beauty containing a glimpse of the history of Roland Garos journey to Tunisia aboard his plane on September 1913 without a stopover from Fréjus -on the Cote D’Azur- to Bizerte (Northern Tunisia),  when  he left with 200 liters of oil and he had only 5 liters when he landed in Bizerte.

Roland Garos spent his night in a nearby school which the Tunisian association of aeronautic seeks to make it a historical landmark which preserves the memory of the region and change it into a cultural, tourism and leisure area.

What is interesting in this story is that Abdellatif Ben Moustapha succeeded to thrive and prosper his farm by changing it into a modern farmhouse that includes a space for aeronautics, with two small planes used for agriculture and a runway. He aspires, as he told Tunisian Monitor Online, to introduce the appropriate development and improvements on the space, where he will plan more activities of aviation on these beautiful green plains.

In addition to his passion for aviation, Abdellatif Ben Moustapha and his young daughter will share soon the experience and the dream to improve the project.

Fortunately, his daughter is studying aeronautics and he will rely on her in this agricultural project. At the same time Abdellatif hopes to manage the space adjacent to the river (oued Majerda), opposite of his farm, with the consent of the local authorities to get rid of the rubbish and construction waste scattered there which spoiled the landscape, with his own potential means, so as to transform it into an entertainment place and an ecological area that attracts those who are attached to agriculture, aeronautics as well as those who seek entertainment and relaxation.

 TunisianMonitorOnLine (Chedly Berhouma)




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