Cinema: Global Migration Film Festival in Tunisia

The second edition of the Global Migration Film festival is ongoing in Tunisia. The thematic film event is organized by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in over 100 countries at the same time.

The festival, which runs on December 5-18 with short and feature films, is a unique opportunity to start a global dialogue on migration, celebrate cohabitation through artistic and cultural expression of migrations, pay homage to filmmakers from all over the world and start a global debate on the human dimension and focus on the destiny of a humanity in movement.

The initiative in Tunisia takes place in cooperation with the Tunisian federation of cinema clubs (Ftcc) in the cities of Kelibia, Tunis, Sfax, Hammamet, Mahdia and Makthar and will end on December 18, International Migrants Day, with the screening at the Mad’Art cinema in Carthage of the award-winning 2016 film-documentary ”Zaineb hates the snow” by Tunisian filmmaker Kaouther Ben Hania.


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