Story of two inmates: Culture can curb crime and violence effectively

The last episode of the programme “Labes” broadcast on el Hiwar Ettounsi channel spotlighted on two inmates who accepted sharing their own painful stories and confessed their guilt with a deep remorse. We heard two harsh stories of one becoming a killer despite his higher education  level in engineering and the other being a criminal at the age of seventeen.

Unfortunately, their fate is horribly deteriorated. Both are dominated in prison by anxiety and remorse at a time they could have shared moments of cheer and success for themselves and for their families.

Nevertheless, despite the difficult path of their new lives, the two prisoners don’t give up to their woeful destiny. Some footages showed us the hope of the two inmates. Their souls and feelings are fully ready to bring something positive to their tedious prison after they became  theatre heroes. They tried to change even partially their future as well as their black fate through their stage show in jail. They made of the prison a space for culture.

Besides, the lesson learned from these stories that culture is capable to extract these two prisoners and others from despondency and despair. Culture can take away new generation from the world of crime and terrorism inside or outside prison.

Surely, everyone realized the episode of “Labes” was impressive  with that positive theory that boosts the conviction that culture affects positively as well as curbs all kind of violence. So we have to open, as called TV presenter Nawfel wartani, culture centres especially in popular neighborhoods.

Ultimately, a tribute must be paid to the TV presenter who gave these two prisoners the chance to reveal their wonderful experiences.

Ben Rhouma Chedly




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