Tunisia’s Olive oil production reaches highest growth (IOC)

The International Olive Council (IOC) estimates that Tunisia registered over the 2017/2018 campaign the highest growth in olive oil production, with 120%.

The production estimated this year at 220,000 tonnes, which enables Tunisia to rank fourth at the global level.

The olive oil production of Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, Argentina, Jordan, Egypt and Libya are also expected to increase by 287,000 tonnes (+ 62%), 140,000 tonnes (+ 27%), 80,000 tonnes (+ 27%), 37,500 tonnes (+ 74%), 25,000 tonnes (+25%), 25,000 tonnes (+25%) and 18,000 tonnes (+ 12%), respectively, the IOC noted.

The global olive oil harvest is expected to edge up by 14% (2,894 thousand tonnes) while consumption will record a slight increase of 5% (2,954 thousand tonnes), the IOC said.

TunisianMonitorOnLine (MNHN)

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