Claiming rights cannot go hand in hand with violence

Since a couple of days, we have witnessed some demonstrations which erupted in many Tunisians regions for some reasons. Either for  high unemployment rate or for longstanding and extreme poverty,  for high living cost as well as economic inequality, in a  political landscape characterized by a dysfunctional economy and political incoherence between parties.

In fact, we do believe that the government does not take any decision to suppress peaceful demonstrations, but it has to face the violent nature of some protests that broke out in some popular and delicate areas.

Unfortunately, the bad news came as drama, when social demands spread to awful events which break our hearts. Despite the fact that protests have been relatively small, some footages broadcast in social media are merely enough to give us a glimpse on these protesters namely criminals who burgled and robbed citizens’ properties and  state domains, seizing the time of these peaceful protests, to spread anarchy something that arouses our concerns.

No doubt that most people concerned and political stakeholders are convinced that this kind of protests remain illegitimate and rejected given the time chosen of the protest which is at night, targeting stability and initiate violence in a wrong a way to claim rights. There is unanimity against violence. So, peaceful protesters must be aware and endeavour for not giving the chance to criminals to distort legal protests.

On the other hand and given the delicate moments the country is going through, the government must succeed to help poor classes and disadvantaged regions to thrive, to sensitize young people and create confidence with them, and everyone has to share the burdens through the achievement of social justice.

Besides, it is worth reminding that it is unacceptable for the politicians to be absent in these delicate circumstances and leave the security forces alone in the front line. All the Tunisian political forces are required to give their positions about such painful events, so that a positive message is extended to all citizens in a way to pledge to reduce violence.

Ben Rhouma chedly

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