Macron lauds Arab-spring’s contribution to Tunisia’s democracy

While visiting Tunisia, the country where the Arab spring broke out, French president Emmanuel Macron revisited that episode of history which disrupted the political patterns that were thought to be impossible to change in several Arab countries.

Emmanuel Macron hailed in particular the effects of this movement in Tunisia.

“You have managed to establish civil status where many people thought it was impossible. Through this cultural and democratic revolution, you have disproved those around the world who are still saying that societies where Islam is present are not compatible with democracy,” he said.

 Emmanuel Macron thinks that this movement is not over yet.

“Many think that this page is turned, that this moment has passed because in the contemporary world of ours, we want everything to go so fast – especially revolutions, especially those we didn’t see coming. We want to see them close as soon as they start. The page of Arab spring and Tunisian spring is not turned, you are living it, making it a reality,” said the French president.

Last month, Tunisia experienced a social outcry caused by government restraint measures. Challenges that have begun to evoke memories of the 2011 strikes.

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