Tozeur: 3rd stage of air show “Aviation for all”

The city of Tozeur hosted, Saturday morning, the 3rd stage of the air show “Aviation for all” organised from January 26 to March 20, 2018, by the Tunisian Association of Aeronautics. The first and second stages took place in Djerba and Sfax, respectively, TAP reports.

Pilots from Tunisia and France take part in this event, also called the “Weekends of aviation”. After Tozeur, they will fly, on Sunday, aboard paramotors over Ong Jmal’s site.

This stage coincides with the commemoration of the 105th anniversary of the first landing (February 1913), in Tozeur, of the “air squadron of Biskra (Algeria)” which provided the postal service for military missions across the Sahara, according to TAP

Created in 2013, the association endeavours to promote leisure aviation and to make known the history of aeronautics in Tunisia, which also experienced the first intercontinental flight between Africa and Europe by the French aviator Roland Garros, on December 18, 1912, between Tunis and Marsala, in Sicily (Italy).


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