Riyeda entrepreneurship fair opens in Tunis

Over 8,000 people are expected at the two-day entrepreneurship fair, Riyeda, which opened Wednesday in Tunis TAP reports.

Representatives of public and private financing and support structures, young graduates with innovative ideas, job seekers, Tunisian and foreign experts as well as entrepreneurs are taking part in the fifth edition of this fair.

Financing structures and event sponsors representatives  emphasised the need to strengthen the culture of entrepreneurship in order to create a generation of young entrepreneurs able to establish businesses and generate jobs.

Winners of the Startup Tunisia Award were unveiled during the opening event. A second contest, Riyeda University challenge, is also on the agenda, the source said.

A dozen students from various Tunisian public and private universities will come up with project ideas. The public at the fair will use an application to select winners.

TunisianMontorOnLine (Source: TAP)

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