Education Ministry to assume its responsibilities in rehabilitating public education and ensuring its quality

Minister of Education Hatem Ben Salem announced Friday in Kasserine, in a statement to media, on the sidelines of the work of the regional council of education,  the key measures taken by the cabinet meeting held last Wednesday, on “the reality and the perspectives of the educational system in Tunisia “.

The measures include  the establishment of a national school food bank with the contribution of the Ministry of Education and some large companies. Storage areas under this bank will be created throughout the Republic, which will be managed by the relevant education services in each region.

It also involves giving legal status to schools with more than 600 pupils and bringing together schools with a limited number of students in complexes whose budgets will be managed by a legal administrator.

These measures also include encouraging unemployed youth to set up rural school bus companies, solve the problem of school transportation in remote rural areas, revise the school office structure, and multiply the budget to school canteens and to abolish national competitions that he found to be ineffective.

Ben Salem added that his department will take the necessary decisions and will assume its responsibilities in rehabilitating public education and ensure its quality, despite the difficult financial situation of the country.



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