Tunisian University: Elections of scientific councils, UGET wins 59.7% of seats

Secretary-General of the General Students’ Union of Tunisia (UGET) Omar Kefi told akherkhabaronline on Friday, that the student organisation won 331 seats out of 556 in the elections of the scientific councils i.e. 59.7% of the seats.

He added that the results revealed the victory of the General Students’ Union of Tunisia of the first place followed by The Tunisian General Union of Students « Ennahdha movement » with 164 seats and a rate of 29.4%.

The Popular Front won 53 seats (9.53 %), 8 seats and 1.4% rate went for the independent members.

In Turn, Amani Sassi UGET Secretary-General said that the participation rate fell in these elections. Besides, the electoral campaign was characterised by tremendous violations with the presence of political funding particularly from « Ennahdha  movement ».

She said that the General Students’ Union of Tunisia expects the announcement and the publication of the results by the Higher Education Ministry.

The Scientific council is a participatory authority made up of the dean of the faculty and the deputy dean in addition to some professors elected from their departments and three student representatives.

The scientific council takes decisions that rule the scientific and administrative affairs of the university.

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