2nd edition of international conference “Bizerte Smart City” launched

The 2nd edition of the international conference “Bizerte Smart City” organised at the initiative of the association “Bizerte 2050” in partnership with the Ministry of Communication Technologies and Digital Economy, is held from April 18 to 20, 2018 at the convention centre of the city of Bizerte.

Two innovative applications to help promote the creation of a smart city were presented on this occasion. The first, carried out by the municipality of Menzel Jemil with the support of the governorate of Bizerte, will facilitate the interaction between the municipal body responsible for cleanliness and the citizen and give the latter the opportunity to report malfunctions in this direction.

The second application called “Hafilati” (my bus) is made by the Bizerte regional transport company and relates to the line “Bizerte-Tunis Carthage Airport” as a pilot line until it is generalised to the other lines. This free application allows passengers to consult on-line service schedules and station locations.

Inaugurating this conference, the Minister of Communication Technologies and Digital Economy, Anouar Maarouf, recalled that the project “Bizerte Smart City” is part of the national programme “Digital Tunisia 2020”, and devotes partnership between the associative fabric and the regional authorities.

The Minister also announced the signing of a partnership agreement between the Ministry, the governorate of Bizerte and the association “Bizerte 2050” to implement the concept of “smart cities” and create a new technological pole in the university campus of Menzel Abderrahmane.

For his part, the governor of Bizerte, Mohamed Gouider, announced that a laboratory dedicated to the development of a roadmap for the project “Bizerte Smart City” will be set up.

Taking the floor, Commissioner of the African Union in charge of Infrastructure and Energy, Ameni Abou Zeid stressed that “the project Bizerte Smart City” is part of the Agenda 2063 for the transformation of the Africa, reiterating the support of the African Union for this project and for any initiative to promote the achievement of this agenda.

President of studies at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Bilal Jamoussi, said in a recorded video broadcast on this occasion, “that the cities of Bizerte and Kairouan have been selected by the ITU, among more than 50 cities around the world including Singapore and Dubai to lead a pilot project for supporting smart cities “(United for Smart Sustainable Cities (U4SCC), and that the announcement will be made in Malaga (Spain) on April 26”.

TunisianMonitorOnline (Source: TAP)


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