Free museums and archaeological sites in Tunisia On Unesco international day

Tunisia is celebrating the International Day for Monuments and Sites, set up by Unesco in 1983, with free entrance to museums and archaeological sites across the country.

According to data provided by the National institute of Tunisian heritage (Inp), Tunisia currently has 1,200 archaeological sites and 40 museums.

On May 18 the country is also celebrating its annual heritage month during which a number of cultural events will be organized to promote Tunisia’s material and immaterial heritage. The 27th edition of heritage month this year is celebrated under the theme ‘The universal values of Tunisian cultural heritage’ and is kicking off at the Water Temple in Zaghouan.

The director general of the agency for the development of heritage and cultural promotion, Kamel Bechini, said authorities hope the location will be listed as a Unesco world heritage site, stressing the historical importance of Zaghouan which provided water to Carthage through its aqueduct.

Built under Hadrian, the temple has the shape of a shell set in a mountain. It has 12 niches with as many statues of nymphs.
At the center, the 13th niche, the largest, included the real temple with the statue of the divinity protecting the spring.

Regions across the country will host events for this annual happening aiming to highlight the richness of Tunisia’s heritage to consolidate national identity and contribute to economic development.

TunisianMonitorOnline (ANSAmed)

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