Servicemen and security officers take part in municipal race for first time

Some 36 thousand soldiers and security officers are be able to choose their representatives in municipal councils. This is a first in Tunisi a’s history, established under the amendment of the electoral code of 2014.

The electoral authority reserved 359 voting centres in 350 constituencies throughout the country.

Organic Law No. 2017-7 of February 14, 2017, amending and supplementing the Organic Law No. 2014-16 of May 26, 2014 on elections and referendums sets a series of measures that differentiate the military and security officers of the rest of the electoral body.

Among these measures, it is forbidden to post lists of these voters at the entrance of the centre or the polling station.

Security and military ballot boxes will not be opened after the closing of the voting operation. They will be kept sealed until May 6, date of the vote of the general public. Their ballots will be mixed with those of civilians to avoid revealing their political choices and tendencies.

For its part, the electoral body informs public and polling institutes that it is forbidden to take pictures of the security forces and the soldiers in polling stations, to film them or to question them on their choice.

President of the Independent Higher Authority for Elections (ISIE), Mohamed Tlili Mnasri said in a statement to TAP that all the electoral logistics were put in place for this polling day and that the necessary equipment (newsletters voting register, electoral register, ballot boxes, etc.) was sent to the 27 regional authorities.

Members of both security and military institutions vote one week before the public vote in these first municipal elections held after 2011. The last municipal elections were held in 2010.

TunisianMonitorOnline (TAP)

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