Olive oil tourism of Ben Ismail Farm is new option for Rural Destination Development in Tunisia

From the very first steps you make in the landscape surrounding the Ben Ismail farm you realize that this is  an area unique in Tunisia with its greatness and fertility.

The Ben Ismail farm that includes some 5,000 olive trees, is the land that gives the extra-virgin “Chétoui” oil “Triomphe de Tuccabor”,  that was awarded the gold medal at the London International Olive Oil Competition (IOOC) in 2017. An event  regarded as one of the most prestigious competitions in the world.

The Ben Ismaïl farm is a family reserve that has taken the initiative to give further importance to the agricultural, social and entrepreneurial scope of farming. Today, the members of the farmily reserve managed to launch the concept of agritourism by offering activities on the farm such as  tasting local products in addition to hiking organized on a regular basis for nature lovers and those who are seeking and admiring organic farming. 

The ambition of the Ben Ismail family farm is to start the olive oil tourism by means of organizing a series of training to become a sommelier.

Besides, a sales area is set up for the purchase of the farm products. Cottages have been designed to display and promote olive oil, aromatic herbs, floral waters, essential oils, sheep’s cheese and eggs from the henhouse.

Today, Triomphe de Tuccabor’s olive oil is exported to Japan and several Scandinavian countries. It also adorns the prestigious tables of some heads of state and great restaurants around the world. The oil is gastronomic, medicinal and organic.

The secret of the Ben Ismaïl farm success story lies in the fact that it is completely managed by the members of a single family, the Ben Ismail Dynasty. Through many successive generations, the family reserve becomes what it is now.

A father and two sons who have been farming and extracting olive oil in a fertile and generous land by setting a goal to reach excellence.

The quality of Triomphe de Tuccabor’s olive oil is not a mere chance. It is the result of hard work and perseverance of every day.  “Excellence is not a choice but an obligation,” Maher Ben Ismail said, “Our picking is done 100% by hand, to guarantee a higher quality. We also have a certification of 100% rain-fed olive, even though sometimes, because of the drought of the latest years in Tunisia, we resort to partial irrigation.

We succeed to impose our brand at the international level thanks to the quality of our extra virgin olive oil, a unique variety that now dominates the American, Japanese and German markets,” Maher Ben Ismail went on saying.

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