Tunisian-Libyan Economic Forum: Trade exchanges between Libya and Tunisia decline

 Tunisian Minister of Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises, Slim Feriani, said in a brief press statement during the Tunisian-Libyan Economic Forum on Sunday in Tripoli that the trade exchange between Tunisia and Libya has declined from $ 2 billion to only $ 1 billion.

Feriani voiced  hope that the scale of trade will reach $ 3 billion by 2020, adding that the trading volume between Tunisia and Libya is well below the two countries’ potential and very low to what it was in 2010.

The Tunisian-Libyan Economic Forum was organized by The General Union of Chambers of Agriculture, Trade, and Industry in Libya with the participation of a number of Libyan and Tunisian businessmen and economists in various fields.

They reviewed ways likely to develop trade and industrial exchange between the two countries, especially in health, banking, and insurance sectors.

On this occasion, CEO of African-Tunisian Business Department Bassam Loukil said the forum they are holding is an opportunity to regain presence of firms on both countries’ ground and to exchange trade between Libya and Tunisia to reach the rates it used to have (3 billion dollars) by 2020.


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