Time to stop wrangling in the new Tunisia !

Tunisia is the only Arab Spring country which has succeeded so far in its democratic transition. However, the current Tunisian political landscape does not really reflect this success. The most recent hot debates have shown how some Tunisian politicians, deemed to be key actors in this landscape, are  actually with unbearable manners and shallow analytical political depth precisely in relation to the deep  crisis our country is going through.

Ironically, these politicians’ analyses and statements have remarkably become the source of public anger and critique. This is because their low-level and immoral debates of critical issues in the country are in total mismatch with the daily suffering of the people. More important, the politicians’ petty political discourse seems to put at stake the long established co-existence of varied trends of thought and even endangers stability in Tunisia.

We really worry that the divisions among politicians will further fuel the crisis between the major national stakeholders.

Under these conditions, we think it is timely that we all agree on a code of conduct (CC) that all stakeholders should abide by in order to avoid misunderstanding and set off a tension-free relationship between the different political factions based on mutual respect.

This CC is hopefully aimed to set a solid ground for all citizens and their political leaders to focus on the real national social and economic issues with the spirit of cooperation and mutual respect.

A new political discource inspired by this new code of conduct will certainly promote citizens’ likeliness to work and produce more. Something Tunisia is in bad need for, these days.

With the new political landscape in place, the youth will be more enthusiastic to substantially contribute to political panels addressing the key national issues.  A thriving Tunisian civil society will be an additional impetus to the youth to be more active and constructive in political life.

The 2014 Constitution along with the new CC set for political action will surely form a solid framework for  coexistence, political competition and durable solidarity among all Tunisians.

TunisinMonitorOnline (Ben Rhouma Chedly)

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