IOM team visits Ras Ajdir border with Tunisia

A team of experts from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) visited Ras Ajdir border last Friday to determine the efficacy of the technical equipment of the crossing border, and to assess the capacity of workers.

The Ministry of Interior explained through its Facebook page that the visit comes within the framework of cooperation between the National Border Security and Management Team and the IOM and start launching the project “enhancing the basics of border management in the humanitarian field with neighbouring countries” , which aims to increase the capacity of border guards at a number of border crossing points including, Ras Ajdir, Ghadames, and Musaid, through training and providing those points with specialized equipment to strengthen border control and supervision.

During the past few days, the IOM team visited the border crossing of Ghadames and will be visiting Musaid -Sollum border in eastern Libya during the coming period.

 TunisianMonitorOnline (Libya Oobserver)

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