“Voices of Semmama” troupe in Belgian international festival “The Unexpected”

The troupe “Voices of Semmama”  takes part in the Belgian capital, Brussels in the festival “the unexpected” with the participation of the 87-year old ambassador of the Semmama Shepherds “Khalti Mbarka”.

The Belgian international festival “the unexpected” (August 31- September 2) provided the occasion for the troupe  “Voices of Semmama” to present its show “When mountains sing” Thursday night in the city of Lessines and will close the festival Sunday night in the city of Tournai,  Adnen Helali Director of the troupe told media.

“This show tells the resistance of the shepherds of the Semmama mountain against oblivion and terrorism through songs drawn from the heritage or contemporary texts,” said Helali, adding that the show will be presented at the closing in the historic square of the Bishopric of Tournai.

The festival “the unexpected” is a festival based on creation that combines music and philosophy. In a spirit of dialogue and intercultural exchange between East and West, the festival takes place each year in exceptional heritage places that make the soul of the Belgian city, Tournai.


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