Tunisia’s innovative “Tfanen” project: Workers tell their stories on stage

Director Taher Alouane gathered over fifteen workers from factories in the industrial zone of Ben Arous for monitoring and integration by lending them a listening ear to their concerns, hopes and aspirations.

These workshops, held in the regional Labour Union of Ben Arous, are dedicated to listening and expression which is the starting point for the establishment of a theatrical text and its transformation into a theatrical work presented by the workers and the workers of the various industrial zones are their audience.

This work combines, according to artist Taher Alouane workers of different ages from 20 to sixty years old of both sexes are gathered.

Wafa Taboubi, director of assistance and content in training, emphasizes that her discussions with the workers, especially young people, revealed anger and resentment, as well as expression of pain and dreams. The artist can learn a lot from the suffering of these workers.

This model project is expected to be ready to be presented on stage in front of workers in the industrial zone of Ben Arous and other industrial areas, including Sfax and Nabeul. in addition to Gafsa and Kasserine, starting from mid-April 2019.

This work is supported by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs,  The Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT), due to the nature of the project, which is aimed at workers in interaction, production and performance.

The TfanenTounes Creative Foundation is the funding body within the framework of a project to promote the cultural sector in Tunisia, funded by the European Union under the programme of supporting the cultural sector in Tunisia in cooperation with the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and implementation of the British Council In cooperation with the Mediterranean Art Company.


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