MSB student Aziz Saoudi meets the challenges as Hult Prize Foundation Campus Director

Aziz Saoudi, a student of Business Administration at the MSB-Mediterranean School of Business, has not the same path as an ordinary student of his age who attends courses and passes exams. Being active and smart students he made the choice of joining the Hult Prize Foundation.

Speaking about His student life in the Mediterranean School of Business, he said it has another dimension and a completely different course compared to other universities in the city of Tunis.

The Campus life at the South Mediterranean University is more than attending lectures and passing exams, Aziz Saouid said, indicating that students work together as teams in club activities and events.

His adherence to Hult Prize Foundation made him acquire a unique experience in his life as a student and as a future businessman or entrepreneur.

As a Hult Prize participant and past-president of a Rotaract Club, Aziz Saoudi managed to snatch his position in the Hult Prize foundation at the South Mediterranean University as Campus Director for 2019.

He said in an interview with TunisianMonitorOnline, that “as Campus Director I have the most fulfilling experience which helped me to see my passion for social impact carried out”.

It is an incredible experience that allowed me to make a real impact by empowering students on campus to be involved and share social impact and business, he underlined.

Being a Campus Director made me part of the world-changing Hult Prize community, where I managed some social innovation in my own university.  This opportunity helped me showcase my skills in establishing innovation among our student community at the university.

Aziz Saoudi said that he is working with his highly-motivated organizing team toward taking the Hult Prize to the next level by organizing a world-class event in his university. An award will be granted later on from the Hult Prize Foundation for the best organizing team globally this year.

In this connection, a local event is conducted in the university where students launch their social startup that changes the world, he noted.

He added that the winning team will compete in one of the fifteen regional finals around the world including London, San Fransisco, Boston, Dubai.

A final round of competition is hosted in September of each year, where the winning team is awarded a $1,000,000 prize, Aziz Saoudi said, placing emphasis on the fact as a campus Director he is exerting all efforts to achieve this goal and help the finalist at his university win this Prize.

TunisianMonitorOnline (MNHN)

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