ESEN Android club organizes digital event on the celebration of its 4th anniversary

The Higher School of Digital Economy (ESEN) Android club organized on Wednesday, October 31, 2018, the first edition of “ابطال الديجتال” hosted by the Manouba Technopole in association with the Tunis private Université centrale with attendance of a large number of students from the Manouba campus and other universities in Tunis.

The event was enhanced by the presence of imminent lecturers namely Mr Wissem Oueslati, Information Technology (It) and E-commerce expert, Mrs Abir Jlassi Sdiri international expert in digital marketing and trainer and  Mr Mohamed Hammami expert in digital marketing strategy.

Opening the event, ESEN Director Jihène El Ouakdi, said that the ESEN android club celebrates the fourth anniversary of its creation, hailing the perseverance of the club members to create and organize distinguished events in the ESEN School for the students of the university campus.

The ESEN Director also highlighted the creative spirit of the students voicing pride and encouragements to them on her name and on behalf of the ESEN school.  She paid tribute to the  Professors who spare no effort to provide assistance to the students for any events they organize.

Taking the floor, Wissem Oueslati, IT and E-commerce expert and specialist with several years of experience in this area said that the world of online business has grown and has been adapted to new technologies. He explained how he is endeavouring in his mission to help keep businesses informed and up to date by giving lectures and attending different events related to the field of E-commerce.

Wissem Oueslati placed emphasis on the fact that the digital marketer should always be open to learning news strategies about E-commerce because this area is constantly evolving through innovation on a daily basis and qualifying oneself as being an expert is an end to learning.

In this event, the E-commerce expert indicated that E-commerce in the digital world is a culture and not techniques through the IT development and programming. It is rather a whole philosophy advising the attendees to always lend a listening ear and follow the new trends.

Wissem Oueslati explained how digital transformation and progress is changing the future of E-commerce. Today E-commerce had changed drastically to become a completely safe online transaction, he underlined.

He noted that online shopping is gaining popularity, by creating opportunities for the brand new start-ups.

In turn,  Abir Jlassi Sdiri, International Expert in digital marketing and consultant, spoke in her briefing about personal branding. She mentioned the way to increase social proof as a student using different social media channels like Linkedin.

She said that personal branding is the process of creating a recognizable professional name and reputation for the future entrepreneurs, explaining the combination of presenting oneself through the various means of communication and the value the entrepreneur provides to his social network.

Besides, she noted that the process of personal branding includes the creation and the development of branding statements, as well as other features of self-presentation, like business cards, professional social network, advertisements, and online marketing which is an increasingly powerful way for anyone to go global.

Mohamed Hammami consultant in marketing strategy made an analysis of marketing defining it as the creation of a need saying that there are different definitions of marketing but the useful definition of marketing is the creation of a need.

He indicated that digital marketing is the use of the internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, display advertising and other channels to reach consumers. It is a way of promoting products and services, he noted.

Some marketing experts consider digital marketing as an entirely new process that requires a new way of approaching customers and new ways of understanding how customers behave compared to traditional marketing.

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