Eurêka Jeune International Award granted to Tunisian Amjed Mouelhi

The Eurêka Jeune International Award for the promotion of science education and popularisation in Tunisia and around the world was awarded to Tunisian Secretary General of the Astronomical Society of Tunisia, Amjed Mouelhi on Tuesday, in Paris.

Amjed Mouelhi is a PhD student at the National School of Electronics and its applications. He is devoted to the sharing of scientific culture, particularly through the Astronomical Society of Tunisia, who is a member of the steering committee.

According to the president of the Astronomical Society, Hichem Ben Yahia, Amjed Mouelhi who is only 29 years old is preparing an exhibition on astronomical imagery to be held in March 2019.

Each year, the Eureka Awards reward actors and actresses committed to the promotion of science education and popularisation in France and Tunisia.

They were created by the professional network of scientific, technical and industrial cultures (Amcsti), the Tunis City of Science and the MED21 programme in 2017 and take place alternately in Tunisia and France.

The awards distinguish four individuals for their investment in science education and popularisation according to the following categories:

The Eureka South Shore Award is meant for a Tunisian personality, The Eureka North Shore Award, is meant for a French personality, the Eurêka Jeune prize, the Eurêka posthumous prize.



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