University of Manouba hosts 2nd edition of “Smart University in Smart City” November 26-30

The University of Manouba is holding on November 26 – 30 the 2nd edition of the multidisciplinary doctorates “Smart University in Smart City” at the University Campus in Manouba and the teaching centre of Sidi Thabet.

The Workshops of the 2nd edition of the multidisciplinary doctoral focus on themes:

-The valorization of heritage

-The Environment,

-Web applications,

-Leisure and gaming businesses and,

-Health and sustainable agriculture professions.

The event provides the opportunity for several PhD students from different disciplines to get acquainted with a real professional situation and be immersed in a collaborative work environment.

These Doctoriales offer PhD student the opportunity to learn how to enhance their research with a wider audience than the University and the world of research.

They can help the PhD student, more precisely, to master the tools of argumentation and communication to enhance their thesis work with various audiences and to reflect on the skills and transversal skills to acquire and the socio-professional network needed to build and defend a professional project.

These Doctoriales are also meant to allow students to learn to respect strict deadlines while dealing with different logics of action and working complementarities in a multidisciplinary team.


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