Morocco’s ambassador to Tunisia appointed president of supreme Independent Authority for Audiovisuals communication

According to Tunisian French-language website « Leaders », Current ambassador of Morocco to Tunisia, Latifa Akherbach is appointed the president of supreme Independent Authority for Audiovisuals communication in Morocco, similar to Tunisian Independent High Authority for Audiovisual Communication (HAICA).

Based in Tunis since February 2016, the ambassador manages also the Affairs of the Moroccan Embassy in Libya with residence in Tunis since its closure for security reasons.

Well-known in the Moroccan media landscape, before starting a diplomatic carrier, Latifa Akherbach was a teacher at the Journalism Institute in Rabat, then Director of this Institute before being appointed a director of the Moroccan national radio.

A group of journalists from Maghreb region are still remembering the great welcome by Latifa Akherbach-as head of the Journalism Institute in Rabat – during their European training on August 1998.

In fact, the current ambassador has the skills and the experience to achieve a credible process under the sky of Audiovisuals communication and a new professional challenge in media, as a woman who has succeeded in her previous tasks.





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