Digitalisation Index of Enterprises and Consumers: Governorate of Tunis ranks first:

In terms of digitisation of Tunisian private companies and consumers, the Tunis governorate occupies the first place, according to the 3rd edition of the digitisation index published by the Arab Institute of Business Leaders (IACE), in collaboration with Tunisie Telecom telephone operator.

The consumer digitisation index of the governorates of Tunis and Ben Arous was 5.6 points and private companies stood at 7.3 points, against 2.1 points for the governorate of Mahdia and Kasserine.
The governorate of Ariana ranked second in terms of consumer digitisation index, with 5.5 points and 6.3 points in terms of digitalisation of private companies.

The governorate of Bizerte obtains the score of 5.4 points in terms of consumer index, followed by the governorates of Medenine (5.3 points), and those of Ben Arous and Kairouan (5.2 points).
The governorates of Beja, Gafsa and Nabeul occupy the third in terms of the index of digitalisation of companies with 6.1 points.

IACE and Tunisie Telecom carried out two field surveys, in all governorates with these two sub-indices; namely the consumer digitisation index and the digitisation index of companies.
The business survey, which computed the “Business” digitisation index, involved 400 Tunisian private companies from different sectors, spread all over Tunisia.

In addition, the other consumer survey that measured the digitisation index “Consumer”, reached more than 1,000 individuals belonging to different age groups and several socio-professional categories.
The calculation of this index covers 47 data, including 33 are related to the consumer index and 14 to the business index.

They concern pillars mainly related to the complexity of systems, software, connection problems, connectivity, E-commerce, traditional and sophisticated IT tools, emerging and advanced technologies, the opening of the telephony mobile and internet market…



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