Renate Brandl:”my products are unique in the cosmetics industry”

Renate Brandl

2018 is a very powerful year with many opportunities but also challenges, German Renate Brandl said in her website.

“That’s why I decided to offer my Life Coaching to all those who want support and guidance from me“, she added.

In her exclusive interview with TunisianMonitorOnline, she gave an overview about her performance in her field of activity.

Tell us about your project in the beauty industry

In all modesty, I can say that my products are unique in the cosmetics industry, as I have acquired a special process to make light water. Through this light gold water, all ingredients in the information to incorporate the creams in an optimal way in the skin, all products have an adaptive, that is. During use, the product is shoved into the cells in such a way that it acts where it should balance, regardless of the skin type the user has.

In all the products I manufacture is this light gold water with 24 carat gold dust.

Gold is pure keratin and provides the skin sustainability.

What are the main materials that are specialized in Tunisia?

Mostly I use olive leaf extract, high-quality cold-pressed oils and cactus juice, all these products are exposed to the highest bio-starter type

Tell us about your products .. Are all face-specific .. Or are there products for hair and body as a whole?

For 7 years I have been researching the balance between skin and product, so far I have concentrated only on the facial skin, which is now changing as I will also make shampoos and body lotion.

Where are your products sold?

So far, the products have been offered on the Internet in various platforms. Since last year, there are also in Europe beauty shops offering my products, I have questions from China and Mexico available.

What is the most common ingredient that you can not avoid when making your cosmetics?

The most common ingredient are prickly pear seed oil, olive leaf extract cactus juice and of course, gold dust.

How do you rate the beauty of Tunisian women?

The Tunisian women are blessed with a natural beauty, which however is very often affected by make-up and chemical cheap products, as a result Hair ages faster, we become brittle and large-pored.

Are Tunisian women and women generally interested in putting natural products on their faces?

In every woman there is a goddess and like every woman in the world, the Tunisian woman places more and more emphasis on nature and high-quality products, my products are priced so that every woman can afford them,
I was advised that I sell this high-quality cometics dearly, but this is not my intention, because I do not value the high profit as large corporations, but every woman wants to give the pleasure of being beautiful and cared for and a charisma like a goddess to have.

What is the most popular product of your products?

My favorite was BE YOUNG, the herbal Botox, it was already copied but this quality was not reached because the companies could not produce the light gold water. In addition, the Hyaloron Gold Cream is a bestseller until I created the POWER OF STAR, this face cream is made with meteor gold water, this water is again an energy water with information of rejuvenation and charisma. For this face cream, I made gold ceramic cans to give the product the appropriate frame

Away from the products What is your advice for the beauty?

Apart from the right care, which underlines the naturalness of the woman, the positive attitude to life is important, including; Laugh loving and trust in God, knowing that we humans are great creatures of God and live that gratitude every day.

What difficulties have you encountered in Tunisia?

I am aware that I am a guest in this country and in this world and thankful that I was accepted. There are no difficulties for me because I love and respect people. If I were to wish for anything, it would be that the authorities, such as customs and state institutions, would be a little more flexible, open, and competent.

What are your future plans?

Right now I am so happy that I do not think about the future, I live in here and now and I am full of confidence and trust in God, that I am always in the right place at the right time. God willing, I will be able to produce more of my wonderful cosmetics for the benefit of humanity. Thank you for your interest in my work and my products.

TunisianMonitorOnline ( Dhouha Saafi)

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