Beauty does not only make a Queen, Story of a queen that made of her charity action her approach

if you want to perpetuate your name, you have to reach the peak of either goodness or evil. One has to choose between leaving a positive effect or deplorable effect. If you are at the top of power or close to it, it is a big responsibility.

 So what if the circumstances made it possible to someone to be on the throne of a monarchy as is the case with Queen Rania, wife of King Abdullah II of Jordan, who is visiting Tunisia for the first time with her husband.

Queen Rania has managed in recent years to give her name a rare weight in our Arab society… Not only her beauty and elegance and distinctive features make her at the front pages of newspapers and magazines and even global television programs … But also she was able to dig her name in the charitable works that was favourably echoed in different countries of the world.

We find out in these lines the cause of Queen Rania’s global interest who proves that beauty is not the only thing that makes a Queen.

Queen Rania has reformed education in her country Jordan and fought to improve school facilities and make English language training compulsory. She supported health, youth empowerment and funding small projects.

Queen Rania Abdullah has many illiteracy-combating roles in order to spread education and science among the people.

She also strives to raise the community awareness of children’s issues to reach the development goals that are directly related to children’s health through Queen Rania’s work with UNICEF.

She founded the International Academy in Amman, Jordan, a non-profit school that works to increase communication with a number of public schools in the Kingdom of Jordan to exchange experiences and training for teachers and to give free scholarships to gifted and distinguished students

Queen Rania provided many forms of support and attention to the poor in terms of housing, clothing and treatment. She also supports small projects that are being built by young people.

Besides, she supervises many hospitals that offer free pediatric cancer treatment without any financial expenses. Queen Rania is endeavouring  to recruit unemployed youth to reduce unemployment and its many negative effects on society.

She launched the first interactive children’s museum in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan which aims to create an educational environment that provides long-term education for children and their families.

TunisianMonitorOnline ( Douha Essaafi)

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