Tunisia rated among countries with “low market complexity” by GMCI

The Tunisian market presents a strong operationality and low complexity for business and corporate activities, according to the Global Markets Complexity Index (GMCI), developed in partnership with the Wall Street Journal, analysing the complexity of markets in 83 countries around the world, their operationality and their regulation.

In the 2019 report, Tunisia was placed in the group of “Upstream Paddlers”, which includes 8 countries of similar complexity profiles, namely Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Jamaica, Morocco, Namibia, Qatar and Vietnam,TAP reports.

The countries of this group, including Tunisia, are those “that are actively working to make themselves more attractive to multinationals, but fighting against challenging complexity currents.” The attractiveness of these countries for multinationals comes from well-developed supply chains that are suited for production.

Morocco is, however, perceived by this index as a business-friendly gateway to the complex markets of Africa, the same source said.

The index seeks to help decision-makers assess geographic expansion by introducing a new framework rooted in an analysis of the market, operational, and regulatory complexity across 83 countries.


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