Tunisia ranks 2nd healthiest Country in African (Study)

Tunisia ranks second healthiest nation in Africa with a score of 59.59 out of 100 points, reveals the Bloomberg 2019 Healthiest Countries Index study, recently published.

It was dethroned by South Africa, which scored 62.56 out of 100 points. Nigeria comes in third place (55.33 points) followed by Algeria (54.12) and Egypt (44.22).

Nevertheless, Tunisia is not in the top 50 of the best healthiest country in the world, in which Arab countries such as Bahrain ranks 36th (76.96 points), Qatar (37th), Lebanon (39th) and the United Arab Emirates (46th) feature.

The Bloomberg 2019 Healthiest Countries Index study is based on a series of health data from 169 countries such as care, lifestyle, birth mortality rate and eating habits.

Of the thirty less healthy countries in the ranking, 27 represent sub-Saharan Africa. They are followed by Haiti, Afghanistan, and Yemen, according to the same source.

Spain is at the top of this ranking. This country is ahead of Italy and Iceland. France is in 12th place.

Founded in 1981 by Michael Bloomberg, Bloomberg is an American financial group specializing in services to financial market professionals and economic and financial information.


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