Tunisian economy’s hope is in hand of Youth (World Bank)

‘Youths are today the element of hope for the Tunisian economy”, said Antonius Verheijen, head of operations for Tunisia of the World Bank adding that Tunisia’s economic recovery cannot be attained without small projects and new start-ups.

He said start-ups will develop innovative activities that will benefit the country’s economy at a meeting of Maghreb economists of the World Bank, on the theme ‘Economy 4.0: Innovation-Startups – Entrepreneurship’.

Besides, he called for the creation of a new generation of start-up companies, which would be a strong sign for investors and would show Tunisia’s role in promoting innovation.
The World Bank official also suggested to create an appropriate judicial framework for such projects and urged banks to get more involved in funding such activities.

In turn, Tarek Chérif, president of the Confederation of Tunisian citizen enterprises (CONECT) underlined the need to seize the opportunity of launching investment funds in regions to benefit young entrepreneurs of start-ups and innovative projects.

With regard to administrative procedures, Chérif pointed out “a problem of credibility and efficiency of the Tunisian administration”, reiterating that “with the urgency of the economic situation, the administration must respect the deadlines for the reforms and actions it plans to carry out”.
On the regulatory framework, he called for “facilitating things”, “applying existing laws”, and “urgently examining draft economic laws”.

Sherif also called for the success story to be publicised, in order to encourage young people to launch their own projects, noting that many of them are attracted to the parallel market, as it “is more profitable”.


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