Awareness-raising and encouraging private initiative launched in Tunis

The 3rd phase of the national campaign to raise awareness and encourage private initiative in the employment sector was launched Monday in Tunis.

This campaign targets trainees and graduates of vocational training centres and is part of the implementation of the national strategy for private initiative adopted on December 22, 2016.

The strategy aims to promote the culture of private initiative through the strengthening of youth support, the simplification of administrative procedures and the implementation of a specific law to help small businesses in the informal sector to integrate the formal sector, Minister of Vocational Training and Employment, Saida Ounissi reported during the event held in the Tunis Culture city.

Ounissi pointed out that the launch of the 3rd phase of this campaign will make it possible to present the successful experiences of some vocational training graduates in different specialities, which will encourage young people to create their projects in different fields, knowing that financial rewards will be awarded to the best business plans.

She noted that two new spaces dedicated to private initiative were created at the start of this campaign in Mahdia and Tataouine regions, in addition to financing more than 13,000 small businesses in 2017, which generated about 17,000 jobs, in partnership with the Tunisian Solidarity Bank.


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