“We Africans, united in diversity, united in adversity” theme of event to be organized by JCI Sokra

The Junior Chamber International JCI of Sokra neighbourhood in Tunis, will organize on Saturday March 16 an event on the theme “We Africans, united in diversity, united in adversity” in partnership with the Municipality of Soukra and the RLF Radio Libre Francophone.

This initiative is an occasion for the JCI Sokra members to unite all Africans under the same roof during an intercultural action in partnership with the Soukra municipality, which aims to restore trust and create a serene climate of exchange and sharing among young African citizens.

“The tragic incidents have marked the history of our country as well as that of our neighbours the Ivorians, including the misadventure experienced by our late “Falikou Koulibaly” in Dar fadhal, Soukra… This tragedy prompted us, members of the Junior Chamber International of Soukra, to take the initiative and responsibility to try to correct the impact it had on Tunisians and on our dear sub-Saharans,” said JCI Sokra in its facebook page.

The event will be a day of cultural exchange bringing together 10 African countries: Côte d’Ivoire, Djibouti, Chad, Angola, Senegal, Niger, Mali, Guinea-Bissau, Gabon, Maritania and Tunisia.


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